Why choosing Need4Viz

Integrate new graphics in your existing SAP Business Objects solution has never been easier and faster.
Entirely based on D3js, Highcharts/HighMaps & Google Charts/Maps technologies, the custom elements are used in the SAPBI platform (4.2 SP03+) to integrate new charts in the Webi environment.

Cloud & On Premise

You can choose the simplest way to use the chart, from a cloud solution, or deploy an on premise package in your environment

No code

You don't have to write or maintain code on your side, just configure the solution and enjoy your new charts.

Make your data alive

Add dynamism to your presentations and export easily the charts into your own web site (stand alone html format embedded data).

Attractive fees

Choose just 1 chart or prefer buy a bundle or the entire stack. Depending on your SAP BI size deployment and your Cloud or On Premise choose, we can offer you the best pricing model

Help & Support

You need help to get the best render in your chart ? We'll provide you an efficient and reactive support (less than 24h to get an answer).

Professional Services

Let our consultants deploy or configure the solution in your environment. We can also help you for designing the best dashboards embedded our charts or mixing custom elements and Webi standard graphics.

Plug & Play

You just need to get your favorites charts in our catalog and in a few moment you can use them on your site. You cannot find your chart in our list ? Contact us, we'll probably be able to integrate it in a few weeks. You need a new option in an existing chart ? Just ask, we can certainly add it.

Our charts catalog

Please find below a short list of all our available charts, classified by category (as in existing SAP-BI solution). To get a full and personal demonstration of our product or to make an estimate to integrate a new chart in our catalog (and in your environment), please contact us.

Circular charts

circular pie charts webi

In this category, you will find a various number of circular charts as :

  • Solar disc
  • Variable pie (for 1 or 2 measures)
  • Sunburst (for 1 to 5 dimensions)
  • Bubble chart
  • Circular packing
  • ...

Geographic maps

geoloc maps googlemaps highmaps d3js in webi

Easiest way to geo-localized your data on a responsive map :

  • Google Maps & GeoChart
  • OpenStreetMap
  • HighMaps
  • Pie chart on a geographic map
  • Localized data on a Json map
  • ...


gauges in webi

Display your KPI on a specific gauge :

  • Google gauge
  • Hicharts gauges
  • D3js bullet chart
  • ...


treemaps and heatmaps in webi

Drilldown in a treemap :

  • Google treemap
  • Hicharts treemap

Timeline & Sparkline

timelines and sparklines in webi

Slide on a Timeline or break down your data on a Sparkline

  • Timeline
  • Sparkline


tiles in webi

Display the trend information on a styled tile

  • Trend tiles
  • Progress tiles
  • Wall of tiles


gantt charts in webi

Plan your projects on a dynamic gantt chart

  • Gantt project management
  • Gantt resource management
  • ...


rdf cytoscape charts in webi

Display your Resource Description Framework

  • Simple and Complex RDF diagrams
  • Based on Cytoscape resource

Scrolling tables

scrolling tables in webi

Display your data in a resizable scrolling table

  • Vertical scrolling table
  • Horizontal scrolling table

And so much...

sankey pyramide age organization charts in webi

Many other charts are now available

  • Simple and Double Sankey diagram
  • Pyramid age chart
  • Organization chart
  • ...

Navigation Elements

filter navigate drill in webi

Navigate through your data and dynamically filter Webi parts from Need4Viz navigation elements

  • Simple value choice list
  • Multi values choice list (with search field)
  • Horizontal & vertical sliders
  • Radio buttons

Coming soon

stream graph gauges column charts in webi

Continuously we are working to integrate new charts in our catalog

  • Stream graph
  • Column range & placement chart
  • Dual gauge range
  • ...

Features available

We have integrated a lot of features in our charts...


Reuse Need4Viz Webi graphics embedding your data in your corporate website.

Linked Elements

Select a value in the custom element to filter dynamically other Webi elements.


What You See Is What You Get feature. Exporting the charts in PDF or Excel give you the same result as on your screen.


Ready to use SAP BI OpenDocument and others hyperlinks from the charts itself.


Integrated online guide from the Webi graphic selection window, to help your Webi designer use charts.


English and French localization. More locales coming soon...

Contact us

Feel free to contact us to get a dedicated live demonstration or to discuss about integration of a new chart for you.